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Sesquicentennial Books

Explore the history of TCU with these new books published during the university’s Sesquicentennial year.

TCU's First 100 Years book cover

Images and Stories of TCU’s First 100 Years, 1873-1973

By Gene Allen Smith and Jackson W. Pearson

“Images and Stories of TCU's First 100 Years“ examines the university’s evolution as it moved from location to location, uncovering stories and following the growth, changes, struggles and successes that led to the TCU Centennial in 1973.


Walking TCU book cover

Walking TCU: A Historic Perspective, Second Edition

By Joan Hewatt Swaim and Phil Hartman

“Walking TCU: A Historic Perspective” describes the buildings on TCU’s Fort Worth campus, and before that, those on the Thorp Spring and Waco campuses. The book provides an account of the various campus structures from the time of their initial construction to the present day.


TCU in Purple, White and Black book cover

A History to Remember: TCU in Purple, White, and Black

By Frederick W. Gooding Jr., Sylviane Ngandu-Kalenga Greensword and Marcellis R. Perkins

“TCU in Purple, White, and Black” chronicles and contextualizes the history of African American memory at TCU. The first of its kind, this book explores the academic, athletic, artistic and cultural impact of a group of people that was not formally included in the university for nearly the first century of its existence.


Cover of the Book A Remarkable Story to Tell TCU 1973 - 2023

A Remarkable Story to Tell: TCU 1973-2023

Edited by Dan Williams, Peggy Watson, Mark Wassenich, Leo Munson, Abigail Jennings and Sarah-Marie Horning 

Narrated by hundreds of individuals who have played important roles in TCU’s flourishing third half-century, "A Remarkable Story to Tell" is also a vibrant pictorial history, with hundreds of beautiful photos, both vintage and recent, illustrating the achievements of the faculty, students and university as a whole.


Cover image of A Hope of Wisdom

A Hope of Wisdom: Three Essays on Education  

By Joseph Addison Clark, James M. Moudy and Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr.

To mark the Sesquicentennial, TCU Press has released a collectable, cloth-bound edition of the Centennial publication "A Hope of Wisdom: Two Essays on Education" featuring a new, third essay written by Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr.