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It’s TCU’s Moment to Shine. Let’s Work Together to Make It Great.

In 2023, TCU will celebrate its sesquicentennial — 150 years of educating leaders to be a force for the greater good. It’s a milestone a century and a half in the making and an opportunity to continue elevating and celebrating TCU on a national stage. We'll look back, look forward and celebrate what makes TCU timeless.


Goals & Audiences: Our 150th Year

TCU has identified five key goals to support during the 150th celebrations, along with corresponding key audiences.

Brand Awareness
  • Goal: Celebrate TCU’s position of strength as a national university with staying power and a deep connection to Fort Worth
  • Audiences: General public, Fort Worth community, prospective students and families, alumni, donors, faculty and staff
  • Goal: Publicize and promote refreshed institutional values as the timeless core of TCU and the driving force for a bright future by and for the university
  • Audiences: Alumni, students, faculty and staff
Alumni Engagement
  • Goal: Inspire pride and excitement in alumni affiliation with TCU; motivate them to reconnect with TCU earlier and more often
  • Audiences: Alumni (all ages); graduating students
Campaign Engagement
  • Goal: Energize donors to elevate their engagement during the final stretch of Lead On: A Campaign for TCU
  • Audiences: Alumni (all ages), donors, community and business leaders
Fort Worth Connection
  • Goal: Celebrate and recommit to TCU's connection with the city as the "university of Fort Worth"
  • Audiences: Community and business leaders, families of students and alumni


The Planning Team

Pulling off a TCU-caliber 150th celebration will take the whole Horned Frog community. To get the process started, leadership enlisted faculty, staff, students and alumni from all corners of the university to serve on the Executive Committee and eight dedicated subcommittees.

Subcommittees: Boots on the Ground
Function as the celebration’s planning engine, reporting regularly and frequently to the executive committee and to each other

Generates, prioritizes and executes ideas for integrating 150th messaging and programming opportunities within athletics


  • Julie Austin
    Associate Athletics Director for Marketing & Licensing
  • Cam Fenton
    Assistant Athletics Director for Development

Strategizes, develops and executes marketing and communications to key audiences to advance 150th objectives


  • Ann Davis
    Director of Communication
  • Megan Murphey-Jones
    Director of Marketing

Ensures that the 150th is inclusive for all of TCU’s diverse communities by liaising with other subcommittees and encouraging participation among traditionally underrepresented audiences


  • Florencio Aranda
    Assistant Director of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives
  • Karen Bell Morgan
    Dean of Students

Encourages participation in 150th from key internal audiences (like students, families, alumni, faculty, staff) and external constituencies (like elected officials, higher ed peers and the greater DFW region)


  • Amanda Stallings
    Associate Vice Chancellor, Alumni Relations
  • Michelle Marlow

Promotes and protects official 150th marks and branding by identifying and nurturing appropriate revenue-driving opportunities and goods, reviewing inbound requests for branded materials and liaising with vendors


  • Deana Cardillo
    Director, Athletics Branding & Licensing
  • Rawn Johnson
    Store Director, TCU Campus Store

Plans university-level 150th anniversary events and manages logistics, keeping the academic and educational focus top of mind, and also reviews and approves programming ideas for unit events (planning and logistics are up to the units)


  • Amy Estes
    Assistant Director of Community Relations and Special Events, TCU School of Medicine
  • Margaret Kelly
    Executive Director, Office of Community Projects
  • Clark Jones
    Senior Instructor, Department of Biology and Assistant Professor, TCU School of Medicine, Department of Medical Education

Develops, produces and publishes sesquicentennial books


  • Dan Williams
    Director, TCU Press
  • Mark Wassenich

Develops content for and oversees the logistics and production of assigned large-scale special projects related to the 150th, especially those with a historic focus


  • Brad Thompson
    Director of Student Activities
  • Leo Munson
    Historian, TCU Retiree


Frequently Asked Questions


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